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Through art, psychology, creativity, and imagination all things are possible in achieving your dreams.


  • Alternative coping mechanisms more suitable to the condition or circumstance of the individual.


  • Balancing mental health platform
  • Excellent decision making for all of humanity
  • A vibrant earth with magnificent earthlings

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Let’s build a sustainable mentally healthy world together.

In the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, the Ancient Sumerian Kings List suggests that humanity is over 266,000 years old, with rulers spanning over thousands of years. 

If these Annunaki Kings were human, is it possible we could also evolve to live extended lifespans?

[NOW LIVE] Click here to watch Episode 4 ‘Sumerian Kings List and Annunaki Oaths’

In this episode you learn about:

• How a South Carolina man’s DNA (Albert Perry) dated back to a most recent common ancestor in his lineage, 338K years ago. His DNA was twice as old as any fossil on record for homosapiens…

• The Sumerian Kings list goes back 260k years and is greatly debated, modern science says modern humans were less than 200k years ago and civilized with kings was 6-7k years ago…

• Kings list (located in Oxford, England)  is measured in chars which is 3,600 years, one king is listed as ruling for 10 chars or 36,000 years…

• How our DNA might have been manipulated and our life spans shortened and if the term “blue blood” refers to a Reptilian lineage of Royals that have copper based blood vs iron.

[UP NEXT] EPISODE 5 – Seven Symbols of Atlantis
Watch Here



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