Meeting Schedule

Our Fall schedule is 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This is currently a free service that we are providing, and we are thrilled to have nearly 8,000 participants, daily and throughout each week, from around the world joining us!
You have the option of a group meeting, a family meeting, and/or a one-on-one meeting. Get a feel for what’s right for you and curate your own personal daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Visit the online platform to start selecting your preferred session times and events with a live face-to-face, or voice-to-voice counselor.
There is also a chat feature on all the time. Join the live chat happening 24 hours a day/7 days a week. There is also a call/page feature within the meeting platform, when you download the app, where you can call or page others to meetup for a chat.
Invite your friends and join our great big family!

AMHC Organizing Team!

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Soft Skills

Communication Skills and
TeamworkSchools and Partners:FullbridgeXCourse

Empathy and Emotional
Intelligence at WorkSchools and Partners:BerkeleyXCourse

Innovation and Creativity
ManagementSchools and Partners:RWTHxCourse

Teaching with Physical
Computing: Soft skills,
teamwork and the wider…Schools and Partners:ArmEducationXCourse

Making Impactful
PresentationsSchools and Partners:State-Bank-of-IndiaCourse

Let’s Get Happy:
Happiness Drives
PerformanceSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Agile Innovation and
Problem Solving SkillsSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Started: Building
Self-AwarenessSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

The Future of Work:
Preparing for DisruptionSchools and Partners:WBGxCourse

Management e Marketing
nel turismoSchools and Partners:FedericaXCourse

Teaching with Physical
Computing: Assessment
of Project-Based LearningSchools and Partners:ArmEducationXCourse

Let’s Get Personal:
Working with Personality
TypeSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Emotional:
Emotions & Emotional
Intelligence!Schools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Strong:
Strengths at WorkSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Principled:
Values, Culture &
Intelligent Disobedience!Schools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

English@Work: Basic
Interview SkillsSchools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

English@Work: Basic Job
Interview SkillsSchools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

Science & Cooking: From
Haute Cuisine to Soft
Matter Science (chemis…Schools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Science & Cooking: From
Haute Cuisine to Soft
Matter Science (physics)Schools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Handling Children In A
Healthcare SettingSchools and Partners:NUSCourse

AlgorithmsSchools and Partners:IITBombayXCourse

Algorithmic Design and
TechniquesSchools and Partners:UCSanDiegoXCourse

Le managementSchools and Partners:HECMontrealXCourse

Data Structures &
Algorithms III: AVL and
2-4 Trees, Divide and C…Schools and Partners:GTxCourse

NoSQL Database BasicsSchools and Partners:IBMCourse

Pratiques de Gestion
Optimale des Eaux
PluvialesSchools and Partners:UM6PxCourse

Staying F.O.C.U.S.E.D. in a
complicated world
(Business Discipline)Schools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

edX pickExcel for Everyone: Core
FoundationsSchools and Partners:UBCxCourse

Analyzing Data with ExcelSchools and Partners:IBMCourse

SQL for Data ScienceSchools and Partners:IBMCourse

Gestion de projets de
développementSchools and Partners:IDBxCourse

Introduction to
Programming with Java…Schools and Partners:GTxCourse

Les principes de la
financeSchools and Partners:LouvainXCourse

Psychologie de la
négociationSchools and Partners:LouvainXCourse

Topology in Condensed
Matter: Tying Quantum
KnotsSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Introduction a
l’immunologieSchools and Partners:EPFLxCourse

Computing: Art, Magic,
Science – Part IISchools and Partners:ETHxCourse

macroéconomiqueSchools and Partners:IMFxCourse


One-On-One Meetings

Group Meetings and Chat





Meet The Team


Entrepreneurial Opportunities


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