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Friends –

During this extraordinary moment in American history, when we face a series of unprecedented crises, some of my Senate colleagues believe that now is the time to think small and maintain the status quo.

No. Now is the time to think big and act decisively to address the long-neglected needs of the working class of this country as well as the existential threat of climate change.

I hope you will take a moment to read the op-ed I wrote today for USA Today that discusses what is at stake in the reconciliation bill. This bill has the chance to be the most consequential piece of legislation for working families in the modern history of our country. Let’s go forward together.

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For America’s sake, we can’t afford to cut $3.5 trillion spending plan
By: Senator Bernie Sanders
September 28, 2021

We live in an unprecedented moment as our country faces enormous crises including COVID, climate change, attacks on democracy, income and wealth inequality and the multi-decade decline of the American middle class.

As chairman of the Senate Budget Committee I proposed a $6 trillion reconciliation bill which would begin addressing these long-neglected problems. A strong majority of the Democratic caucus supported that proposal, but not all. As a result, we made a major compromise to reduce that budget from $6 trillion down to $3.5 trillion. This entire package will not add to the deficit and be paid for by demanding that the very wealthiest people in our country and large, profitable corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. Poll after poll, especially among working class people, shows overwhelming support for what we are trying to accomplish.

Now, for whatever reason, there are pundits out there who say we should compromise even more and cut back on addressing the long-neglected problems facing working families as well as climate change. Really? Please tell me where we should cut.

Should we end the $300 direct payments to working class parents which have cut childhood poverty in our country by half?

Should we continue to ignore the dysfunctionality of our childcare system which forces millions of working families to spend 20-30% of their limited incomes on childcare and keeps over a million women out of the workforce?

Should we deny low and moderate income young people the opportunity to get the higher education and job skills they need by making community colleges tuition free?

Should we continue allowing the pharmaceutical industry to charge us, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs?

Should we continue a situation where many millions of seniors are unable to afford to go to a dentist to get treatment for their rotting teeth, or buy the hearing aids and eyeglasses they need — or should we expand Medicare to cover those basic health care needs?

Should we continue being the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid family and medical leave?

Should we, as an aging society, force older and disabled Americans into expensive nursing home care or should we expand home health care and allow them the opportunity to stay in their own homes?

Should we continue to have 600,000 Americans remain homeless, or should we finally begin building the millions of units of low income and affordable housing that we need?

And then there is the existential threat of climate change.

When the planet becomes warmer and warmer, with unprecedented forest fires, drought, floods, extreme weather disturbances and acidification of the oceans are causing mass destruction, and when scientists tell us that we only have a few years to avoid irreparable damage to our country and planet, should we really continue to ignore this global crisis?

This reconciliation bill is being opposed by every Republican in Congress as well as the drug companies, the insurance companies, the fossil fuel industry and the billionaire class. They want to maintain the status quo in which the very rich get richer while ordinary Americans continue to struggle to make ends meet. Well, I disagree. I believe that now is the time, finally, for Congress to stand up for working families and have the courage to take on the big money interests and wealthy campaign contributors who have so much power over the economic and political life of our country.

As Chairman of the Budget Committee, Bernie is working hard in the Senate to pass a bold, progressive agenda that puts working people first. If the budget that Bernie is fighting for passes, it would be the most significant piece of legislation since the New Deal. Let’s come together to make it happen.

Holistic Health and Wellness

Plant Based Diets: Food for a Sustainable Future Schools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

One Health: A Ten
Thousand Year-Old View
into the Future Schools and Partners:AlaskaXCourse

Management of
Cardiopulmonary Health…Schools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

Essentials of Genomics
and Biomedical
Informatics Schools and Partners:IsraelXCourse

Think Road Safety – Road
Safety Training for
External Partners Schools and Partners:WBGxCourse

Agri-Food Systems
Analysis Schools and Partners:DoaneXCourse

Irrigation Efficiency: more
food with less water Schools and Partners:KULeuvenXCourse

Microbiomes &
Sustainability Schools and Partners:NUSCourse

Faith and Finance Schools and Partners:BUxCourse

One Planet, One Ocean Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourse


This is currently a free service that we are providing, and we are thrilled to have nearly 8,000 participants, daily and throughout each week, from around the world joining us!
You have the option of a group meeting, a family meeting, and/or a one-on-one meeting. Get a feel for what’s right for you and curate your own personal daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Visit the online platform to start selecting your preferred session times and events with a live face-to-face, or voice-to-voice counselor.
There is also a chat feature on all the time. Join the live chat happening 24 hours a day/7 days a week. There is also a call/page feature within the meeting platform, when you download the app, where you can call or page others to meetup for a chat.
Invite your friends and join our great big family!

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The Northeast Kingdom

Join Us In the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont on over 100 acres nestled between State Forests and Year-round luxurious Resorts!

Homestead Sweet Homestead. Your very own per quarter acre of land for $500. down, and $500. per month. A dream come true. Tis the season for a brand new start. Questions contact the Customer Care Team



The single and 1bdrm spacious chalets sleep 1-4 ppl, and are 50. per night. Reserve now! Questions, contact the Custkmer Care Team:


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5 Pack Plaid Shirts

S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3X, 4X, 5X Poly/Cotton Blend Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


5 Pack Flannel Plaid Shirts

S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3X, 4X, 5X Poly/Cotton Blend Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


VPR – Vermont Public Radio: Brave Little State’s
4th Annual Brief History Of Vermont Road Names

Flannel Oversized Plaid Blouse

S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3X, 4X, 5X Poly/Cotton Blend Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


Flannel Plaid Shirt

S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3X, 4X, 5X Wool/Poly Blend Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


Flannel Plaid Coat

S, M, L, XL, XXL Wool/Poly Blend Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


Plaid Stretch Perfect-Fit Denim Jeans

Sizes 2-16 Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


End Homelessness This Winter!

Buy One Give One – We will match each purchase for a man, woman, and child. Together, we can end homelessness locally, nationally, and globally. (Oversized) S, M, L Questions, contact AMHC Customer Care Team:


Soft Skills

Communication Skills and
TeamworkSchools and Partners:FullbridgeXCourse

Empathy and Emotional
Intelligence at WorkSchools and Partners:BerkeleyXCourse

Innovation and Creativity
ManagementSchools and Partners:RWTHxCourse

Teaching with Physical
Computing: Soft skills,
teamwork and the wider…Schools and Partners:ArmEducationXCourse

Making Impactful
PresentationsSchools and Partners:State-Bank-of-IndiaCourse

Let’s Get Happy:
Happiness Drives
PerformanceSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Agile Innovation and
Problem Solving SkillsSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Started: Building
Self-AwarenessSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

The Future of Work:
Preparing for DisruptionSchools and Partners:WBGxCourse

Management e Marketing
nel turismoSchools and Partners:FedericaXCourse

Teaching with Physical
Computing: Assessment
of Project-Based LearningSchools and Partners:ArmEducationXCourse

Let’s Get Personal:
Working with Personality
TypeSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Emotional:
Emotions & Emotional
Intelligence!Schools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Strong:
Strengths at WorkSchools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

Let’s Get Principled:
Values, Culture &
Intelligent Disobedience!Schools and Partners:UMD, USMxCourse

English@Work: Basic
Interview SkillsSchools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

English@Work: Basic Job
Interview SkillsSchools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

Science & Cooking: From
Haute Cuisine to Soft
Matter Science (chemis…Schools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Science & Cooking: From
Haute Cuisine to Soft
Matter Science (physics)Schools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Handling Children In A
Healthcare SettingSchools and Partners:NUSCourse

AlgorithmsSchools and Partners:IITBombayXCourse

Algorithmic Design and
TechniquesSchools and Partners:UCSanDiegoXCourse

Le managementSchools and Partners:HECMontrealXCourse

Data Structures &
Algorithms III: AVL and
2-4 Trees, Divide and C…Schools and Partners:GTxCourse

NoSQL Database BasicsSchools and Partners:IBMCourse

Pratiques de Gestion
Optimale des Eaux
PluvialesSchools and Partners:UM6PxCourse

Staying F.O.C.U.S.E.D. in a
complicated world
(Business Discipline)Schools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

edX pickExcel for Everyone: Core
FoundationsSchools and Partners:UBCxCourse

Analyzing Data with ExcelSchools and Partners:IBMCourse

SQL for Data ScienceSchools and Partners:IBMCourse

Gestion de projets de
développementSchools and Partners:IDBxCourse

Introduction to
Programming with Java…Schools and Partners:GTxCourse

Les principes de la
financeSchools and Partners:LouvainXCourse

Psychologie de la
négociationSchools and Partners:LouvainXCourse

Topology in Condensed
Matter: Tying Quantum
KnotsSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Introduction a
l’immunologieSchools and Partners:EPFLxCourse

Computing: Art, Magic,
Science – Part IISchools and Partners:ETHxCourse

macroéconomiqueSchools and Partners:IMFxCourse


JobProjected Employment Change, 2020-2030Median Pay
Nurse practitioners52.2%$111,680
Information security analysts33.3%$103,590
Medical and health services managers32.5%$104,280
Physician assistants31.0%$115,390
Software developers, software quality assurance analysts and testers22.2%$110,140

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics  Get the data

JobProjected Growth RateMedian Pay
Wind turbine service technicians68.2%$56,230
Nurse practitioners52.2%$111,680
Solar photovoltaic installers52.1%$46,470
Physical therapist assistants35.4%$59,770
Information security analysts33.3%$103,590
Home health and personal care aides32.6%$27,080
Health services managers32.5%$104,280
Data scientists31.4%$98,230
Physician assistants31.0%$115,390

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics  Get the data

News from the Columbia Climate School


Why the U.S. Northeast Coast Is a Global Warming Hot Spot

Heat Linked to Rising Ocean Temperatures, Altered Wind Patterns


From Maine to Delaware, the coastal U.S. Northeast is heating faster than most regions of North America, and a new study shows why. It links the outsize heating to unusually fast-rising temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean, and alterations in wind patterns that are now tending to send the warmth to the U.S. coast instead of the other way. The research appears this week in the journal Nature Climate Change.

As a result of the changes, not only are Northeastern winters getting warmer, as long projected by climate models, but significant and rapid summer warming is happening as well. “Some of the biggest populations centers in the U.S. are suffering the greatest degree of warming,” said lead author Ambarish Karmalkar, a professor of geosciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “This warming is being driven both by equally rapid trends in the Atlantic Ocean and by changes in atmospheric circulation patterns.”

Rising Atlantic Ocean temperatures and altered wind patterns that blow the warmth toward land are helping heat the U.S. Northeast coast at a fast pace. Here, lower Manhattan under a summer sky.  (Kevin Krajick/Earth Institute)

Ocean waters around the world are warming, and thus helping fuel warming on land. But beyond that, several recent studies indicate that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), a system of long-distance Atlantic currents, is slowing down due to climate change. The AMOC is a sort of conveyor belt that transports warm, salty water from the tropics north toward Greenland, where it cools and sinks. This cooled water then flows back south in the form of deep-water currents. But as climate warms, and glaciers in Greenland melt and send fresh water into the ocean, the conveyor is stalling. One consequence is even more heating of the ocean off the Northeast coast. This helps explain spikes in ocean temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine regions, say the authors.

One link between the AMOC and rising temperatures along the coast is the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), a cyclic weather phenomenon that governs the strength and position of the winds that blow from the United States over the Atlantic and on to Europe. There is a degree of natural variability to the NAO, which influences storm tracks, the jet stream and seasonal temperatures in the Northeast. The study shows that the NAO has for the past few decades tended to settle into a pattern that enhances the flow of ocean air toward the eastern seaboard. Because the northwest Atlantic is warming in part due to the AMOC slowdown, this is accelerating heating of cities such Boston, Providence, R.I., and New York.

While scientists already know about the unusual pace of warming in the region, computer models, which try to simulate the forces at work, have so far failed to reproduce the pattern. Radley Horton, a climate scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and coauthor of the new study, says the rising Atlantic temperatures and altered wind patterns are the missing links.

“Climate models remain our best tool for projecting future climate risks in the populous and exposed coastal Northeast U.S.,” he said. “But the inability of those models to reproduce the observed summer pattern of enhanced coastal land warming relative to inland regions points to a potential blind spot.”

The research demonstrates that scientists should use a new generation of high-resolution climate models that could more accurately capture changes in regional climate, say the authors. “Our research implies that without improved high resolution data, regional climate assessments, which inform out ability to plan for the future, may under-emphasize warming in this populous region,” said Karmalkar.

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A Realistic Transition to Environmental Sustainability

Glacier Funerals Offer a Way of Coping With Ecological Grief


New courses and languages on OpenWHO

We are pleased to announce the following COVID-19 course:

WHO EMRO/UNSSC Leadership Programme on Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Response: COVID-19 Pandemic Cohort: Jointly designed by the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (WHO/EMRO) together with the United Nations Systems Staff College (UNSSC), this programme addresses topics such as leadership in times of crisis, preparedness, adopting a systems approach, strategic thinking, emotional resilience and multisectoral partnership building.

New courses on health topics:Rabies & One Health: From basics to cross-sectoral action to stop human rabies deaths: This course provides a general introduction to rabies, and the One Health approach currently taken to prevent it. It provides participants with knowledge about the biology and epidemiology of this Neglected Zoonotic Disease, the current “Zero by 30” rabies elimination strategy, and how to prevent rabies in people and dogs by taking a One Health approach.

Mycetoma: Training of health workers at national and district levels on skin-NTDs: This course provides essential knowledge to national and frontline health workers on the epidemiology of mycetoma, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and public health interventions.New translations30 September is International Translation Day! OpenWHO is committed to translating our COVID-19 courses into as many languages as possible, particularly those spoken by underserved and vulnerable communities, to make critical pandemic knowledge accessible to all.

The following 7 translations have been launched this month:

Clinical management: Initial approach in Spanish

Clinical management: General considerations in Dutch

Clinical management: Investigations and care for mild, moderate and severe disease in Hindi and Nepali

Clinical management: Rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19 in French

Go.Data in Ukrainian

Public Health Emergencies Operations Centre in Russian

We are pleased to announce that OpenWHO now has 38 courses on COVID-19, spread across 53 languages. All courses for COVID-19 can be accessed here. You can use the toolbar to filter courses by language. You can also access our catalogues which show all courses and languages available for COVID-19 and other health topics here.

WHO AFRO Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) Strategy online courses on OpenWHO

The aim of the training package is to contribute to the implementation of the WHO African Regional Office Regional strategy for integrated disease surveillance and response: 2020-2030 for preventing and responding to health emergencies.

The 3rd Edition IDSR Technical Guidelines explicitly describe what needs to be established at each level of the health system to detect and respond to diseases, conditions and public health events that are responsible for preventable illnesses, deaths and disabilities in local communities. The training package will consist of five courses in English, French and Portuguese. To date, Course 1 is available in English and French and the remaining 4 courses are all available in English. All courses should be launched in French and Portuguese by the end of 2021.

New countries added to the Serving Countries corner on OpenWHO

Additional countries have been added to the Serving Countries portal: AzerbaijanIndiaNepal and Somalia.

This portal offers learning resources to support a country’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other health threats. Created in collaboration with WHO Country Offices and Ministries of Health, resources based on WHO scientific guidance are available in each country’s official language(s) to empower frontline health workers, policymakers and the public.

Best wishes,

OpenWHO team


Free online courses from Sorbonne Université

This new French university draws on centuries of tradition in research and education.
By joining two leading universities* at the centre of Paris, an exceptional centre of knowledge has been recreated under the world-renowned Sorbonne name.

Sorbonne University is a world-class research university, presenting the comprehensive disciplinary range of arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and medicine. Sorbonne University is at the crossroads of diverse types of knowledge and capable of responding to the intellectual and scientific challenges of the 21st century.

The University offers its 53,400 students the best educational opportunities for the successof each of their personal and professional projects, through monodisciplinary, bi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs. 10,200 of its students are international and 4,400 are in doctoral programs. With its three main faculties, it offers varied and original opportunities across disciplines.

Sorbonne University research draws on more than 3,400 professor-researchers in its laboratories and partners with the major French research organisations. In addition to Nobel Prizes, Fields Medals and other awards, the university has exceptional transdisciplinary institutes and is also theheadquarters for the European Marine Biological Research Centre.

International co-operation is facilitated at Sorbonne University because it is more visibleand comprehensive, enabling its students, academic staff and researchers to increase their exchanges with the rest of the world.

  • Paris-Sorbonne and Pierre & Marie Curie Universities

Sorbonne Université MOOCs

Browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. Sorbonne Université courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Select a course to learn more.


Introduction à la
philosophie de Friedrich
NietzscheSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

À la découverte du
théâtre classique français
– Tome 1Schools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

La maladie d’Alzheimer:
tout ce que vous avez
toujours voulu savoirSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

Christianisme et
philosophie dans
l’AntiquitéSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

Oscar Wilde, écrivain et
penseur du langageSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

Programmation iOS
(partie I)Schools and Partners:UPMCx, SorbonneXCourse

Agir pour la santé des
reinsSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

À la découverte du
théâtre classique français
– Tome 2Schools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

La Terre comme système :
une approche
géographiqueSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

Concurrente (avec Java)Schools and Partners:UPMCx, SorbonneXCourse

Prise en charge de la
personne obèseSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse

Programmation iOS
(partie II)Schools and Partners:UPMCx, SorbonneXCourse

Voyage musical dans la
France du 17e siècleSchools and Partners:SorbonneXCourse



How many people of color did the 2020 census miss? COVID makes it harder to tell


How many people of color did the 2020 census miss? COVID makes it harder to tellA final round of door knocking for a follow-up survey is now set to last until early 2022, raising concerns about whether the bureau can determine which groups were undercounted in the 2020 census

Polls open in Iraq's general elections amid tight security


Polls open in Iraq’s general elections amid tight security


Potential candidates always test political waters in Iowa. Trump’s trip is different

U.S. travelers are back in the saddle again. But they've adapted to a new reality


U.S. travelers are back in the saddle again. But they’ve adapted to a new reality

The Taliban say they won't work with the U.S. to contain the Islamic State


The Taliban say they won’t work with the U.S. to contain the Islamic State

Federal appeals court temporarily reinstates Texas' 6-week abortion ban


Federal appeals court temporarily reinstates Texas’ 6-week abortion ban

A mountaineering group is aiming to be the 1st all-Black team to climb Mount Everest


A mountaineering group is aiming to be the 1st all-Black team to climb Mount Everest

Governor run or no, Matthew McConaughey is full of campaign slogans


Governor run or no, Matthew McConaughey is full of campaign slogansIn a Twitter Spaces chat hosted by NPR, the actor discussed his potential run for Texas governor, where he fits — or doesn’t — on the political party spectrum, abortion, Amazon unions and more.

No Alternative Text


What’s making us happy: A guide for your weekend watching, listening and readingEach week, the guests and hosts on Pop Culture Happy Hour share what’s bringing them joy. Today it’s a new French horror movie, Titane, Netflix’s Midnight Mass, and the web series Dimension 20.

Lebanon's central electricity grid shuts down as fuel shortages continue


Lebanon’s central electricity grid shuts down as fuel shortages continueThe stoppage of two major power plants leaves generators as the country’s only power source, endangering hospital patients and the water supply. Officials expect the outages to last for several days.

Opinion: A gorilla's life and death, in 2 viral photos



A gorilla’s life and death, in 2 viral photosNPR’s Scott Simon remarks on the death of Ndakasi, the gorilla who went viral for a photobomb a few years ago. A picture taken of her last moments in her caretaker’s arms also went viral this week.

'Shoeless' Joe Jackson-signed baseball photo sells for a record $1.4 million


‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson-signed baseball photo sells for a record $1.4 millionExperts believe that it’s the only authentic signed photo of Jackson in existence.

Oil pipeline damage may have happened months before the massive oil spill


The Einstein RevolutionSchools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Design TheorySchools and Partners:IsraelXCourse

Arts and Culture:
Towards a New
Management ParadigmSchools and Partners:IIMBxCourse

Representations of
HIV/AIDS I Schools and Partners:DavidsonXCourse

Representations of
HIV/AIDS II Schools and Partners:DavidsonNextCourse

Writing successfully for
the StageSchools and Partners:UniversityofCambridgeCourse

Circular Fashion: Design,
Science and Value in a
Sustainable Clothing Ind…Schools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Inspiring and Motivating
Arts and Culture TeamsSchools and Partners:MichiganXCourse

Science in Art: The
Chemistry of Art
Materials and Conservat…Schools and Partners:TrinityXCourse

Creative CodingSchools and Partners:NYUxCourse

Reading Religious
ConversionSchools and Partners:IsraelXCourse

Masterpieces of World
LiteratureSchools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Flower Arrangements in
China and Japan |
现代生活美学:花之道Schools and Partners:TsinghuaXCourse

Introduction to Public
SpeakingSchools and Partners:UWashingtonXCourse

Global Markets and
Personal ImpactsSchools and Partners:UWashingtonXCourse

Coding a scuola con
Software LiberoSchools and Partners:FedericaXCourse

Artistic Research in
Music – an IntroductionSchools and Partners:KULeuvenXCourse

The Divine Comedy:
Dante’s Journey to
Freedom, Part 2 (Purgat…Schools and Partners:GeorgetownXCourse

Teaching Critical
Thinking through Art with
the National Gallery of ArtSchools and Partners:SmithsonianXCourse

Hong Kong Cinema
through a Global Lens |
全球化下的香港电影Schools and Partners:HKUxCourse

Archeoastronomia e
Orologi SolariSchools and Partners:FedericaXCourse

Chinese Culture:
InteractionSchools and Partners:HKPolyUxCourse

Shakespeare’s The
Merchant of Venice:
ShylockSchools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

The Divine Comedy:
Dante’s Journey to
FreedomSchools and Partners:GeorgetownXCourse

Transportation infrastructure
•    Critical infrastructure / Construction
•    Telecommunications infrastructure (Broadband)
•    Workforce, businesses, entrepreneurial and technology development 
•    Resources and open space conservation, tourism and recreation
•    Renewable and alternative energy

  • One-On-One Meetings
  • Group Meetings and Chat
  • Events
  • Lectures
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Walton County, Florida
  • Conferences
  • Tip

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