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Quarterly Financial Report – Manufacturing, Mining, Wholesale Trade, and Selected Service Industries

06/08/2021 10:00 AM EDT
Manufacturing corporations’ seasonally adjusted after-tax profits were $232.0 billion for the first quarter of 2021, up $98.5 (+/- 0.6) billion from fourth quarter of 2020.

1st Qtr 2021: +98.5 $ billion
4th Qtr 2020 (r): -5.8 $ billion

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US Census Bureau – America Counts:
Stories Behind the Numbers
Think Online Retail Is the Largest E-Commerce Sector? Think Again. Ask someone to define “e-commerce” and they’ll likely say: online shopping. While online retail certainly is a significant player in the world of e-commerce — $519.6 billion of total retail trade e-commerce in 2018 — it pales in comparison to the share of total manufacturing, wholesale trade and services sector activities conducted electronically. Read More
According to the Census Bureau’s 2018 E-Commerce Statistics report, manufacturing e-commerce shipments made up 67.3% or nearly $4.0 trillion of the $6.0 trillion in total value of manufacturing shipments.By comparison, retail e-commerce sales were only 9.9% or $519.6 billion of the $5.3 trillion in total retail sales.
Continue reading to learn more about: What is manufacturing e-commerce? Does e-commerce rule in all manufacturing industries? The future of e-commerce in manufacturing.
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Boom and Bust
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Bubbles, while messy, lead to progress.”

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