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SMART 2020 With Us!
With each donation, you are automatically entered for a chance to win a 2021 Electric Vehicle
With as little as a $1 donation for the needs of students, their families, and community programs, you have a chance to drive away in a brand new SMART EV for a sustainable future.

Every month, we schedule classes, workshops, webinars, therapy sessions, outings, pop-ups, gatherings, and trainings, as well as recommend outsourcing for adolescents+ ages 0-25 to partake in. The purpose is to balance mental health, and provide additional opportunities in life. Funding determines the cost, and the more funding that we receive, the less it will cost for an adolescent to be involved in a program, eat nutritious meals, and have daily needs met, but we cannot provide the very best without you. Please make a donation. For your contribution, we’d like to show our gratitude by sending you a gift through our amazing partner, the thanX Corporation. A charitable Foundation focused on the needs of the people.

Make A Donation

thanX Corporation a charity and giving brand of Black-Bucks Brands, Inc., ( one of our team members and global partners) has an unlimited supply of gratitude to share throughout the year. When you donate you will receive a corresponding gift for the month that you gave for, or you can manually choose from the list during your checkout process. FREE SHIPPING

Make A Donation

Also, each time you donate, you are entered to win a SMART EV.

A reminder to do well in the New Year
As shown, for your little one
Gourmet chocolates to celebrate your love
A set of 4 cultural bowls
50% discount sitewide
A sample of our farm-fresh brand of
specialty gourmet chocolates
downloadable gift card

Pet gift card
Food supply gift card
Birthday cake from our gourmet bakery
100% all natural
herbal bath & whole-body care
A set of 4 mugs with our brand coffee & tea

Make A Donation

From Us to You, we’d like to say, thanX!☺

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