U.S. has world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households


How Smartphone Cameras Changed the Way We Document Our Lives

Carrying a smartphone allows us to photograph all parts of our lives—not just the happy, beautiful ones.



Tech for Good: The Role of ICT in Achieving the SDGsSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseSDG: Moving Towards Sustainable Work, Schools and Partners:UC3MxCourseThe Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseSustainable CitiesSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseGlobal Public HealthSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseOne Planet, One OceanSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseHuman Rights, Human Wrongs: Challenging Poverty, Vulnerability…Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseMeasuring Sustainable Development Schools and Partners: SDGAcademyXCourseClimate Change: The Science and Global Impact Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseEthics in ActionSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseFeeding a Hungry Planet: Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainable Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseWork and Employment for a Sustainable Future Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseGlobalization: Past and Future Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseHow to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseGovernance for Transboundary Freshwater Security Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseNatural Resources for Sustainable Development Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseTransforming Our World: Achieving theSustainable Development Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseAge of Sustainable Development Schools and Partners: SDGAcademyXCourseCities and the Challenge ofSustainable Developm…Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseMacroeconomics for aSustainable Planet Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseSustainable Development: The Post-Capitalist OrderSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCoursePlanetary Boundaries Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseClimate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseSustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspe…Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseFrom the Ground Up: Managing and Preserving Our Terres…Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseWater: Addressing the Global CrisisSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseClimate Change Science and NegotiationsSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseIndustrial Policy in the 21st Century: The Challenge for AfricaSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseLaudato Si: On Care for Our Common HomeSchools and Partners: SDGAcademyXCourseThe Korean Story : Secrets of an Economic MiracleSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseNature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate ResilienceSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseEnvironmental Security and Sustaining PeaceSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseConversations with Global Leaders: Leading on Sustainabl…Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseThe Jeffrey Sachs Book ClubSchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourseUnlocking Investment and Finance in Emerging Markets an…Schools and Partners:WBGxCourseThe UN Sustainable Development Goals: an Interdisciplinary Acad…Schools and Partners:KULeuvenXCourseLandscape Leadership: Catalyse Sustainable Development in Lands…Schools and Partners:WageningenXCourseThe Science and Practice of Sustainable DevelopmentSchools and Partners:UQxCourseSustainable Development: The Water-Energy-Food N…Schools and Partners:RWTHxCourseAgri-Food Systems AnalysisSchools and Partners:DoaneXCourseSector Extractivo: sostenibilidad y desarrollo en América…Schools and Partners:IDBxCourse

-Private Housing in the City Opportunity

In this 2-storey house, we’ve cleaned 5 rooms, approximately 18’x20′, with 4 more to go. We’ve tried to cut cost by doing the work ourselves, but it has proven to be draining both physically and financially because so much needs replacing and repairing.

We were unable to meet the needs of students, single parents, and/or homeless teens by the winter/holiday season at this location.

We could really use your help with this project.

The previous owner suffered from a number of debilitations both, mental and physical, as an Army Veteran.

The four bedrooms are spacious, and are able to facilitate 4 bunkbeds each for transitional/temporary housing.

The highlights of this project:

  • Double lot with room to expand
  • 3 full bathrooms with bathtub and separate shower
  • Large eat-in kitchen for group meals
  • Balcony
  • Indoor access to a full flat roof for greenhouse farming
  • Employment capacity
  • 10 minute walk to a college campus, doctors visit, social services, shopping, post office and public transportation.

Let’s build a sustainable mentally healthy world together.

Open House

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