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CEO activism in America is risky business

Firms used to keep politics at arm’s length. What went wrong?




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The path to a sustainable and inclusive recovery
Last week at the 2021 Spring Meetings, World Bank Group President David Malpass outlined the major challenges facing the world, including COVID, climate change, rising poverty and inequality, and growing fragility and violence. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen encouraged developed economies to continue to support a global recovery. She also highlighted the importance of helping developing countries meet their climate goals along with their development objectives, adding that the availability of green finance will be critical. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva was also part of the conversation with Malpass and Yellen, pointing out that climate risks are a growing threat to the world’s macroeconomic and financial stability.
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Changing course on climate: The green transitions needed for people and planet
As countries renew their commitments to the Paris Agreement ahead of a pivotal November meeting in Glasgow, keeping global temperature rise to well below 2°C will require coordinated global action at an unprecedented scale and speed. “The science is coming back at us stronger, harder, bigger, faster, and it’s telling us that we are running out of time,” said John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, at an April 8 virtual event during the World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings.
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Message of His Holiness Pope Francis to the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund
“I reiterate my call to government leaders, businesses and international organizations to work together in providing vaccines for all, especially for the most vulnerable and needy.”
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What are countries doing to prepare for large scale vaccine rollouts?
Ensuring developing countries can access and safely distribute vaccines calls for strong partnership and cooperation at the national, regional & global levels. Here are the highlights from last week’s 2021 Spring Meetings event COVID-19: Vaccines for Developing Countries. 
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How debt reduction can build an inclusive economy for the next generation
On April 7th, the World Bank invited several leading experts to explore perspectives on a new global financial architecture for debt. Speakers discussed lessons from past restructuring efforts, the private sector’s role, and the increased need for debt transparency. Reducing unsustainable debt requires diverse solutions and a commitment to help countries focus on building a green, resilient, inclusive economy. World Bank Chief Economist Carmen Reinhart referenced the debt crises of the 1980s and 1990s—and the lessons that this challenging era can offer.
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