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Introduction to Cancer
Biology | 肿瘤生物学概论Schools and Partners:TsinghuaXCourse

Reinvent yourself:
Unleash your creativity Schools and Partners:UTHealthSPHxCourse

Innovation Generation:
How to Be Creative Schools and Partners:UTHealthSPHxCourse

CERTaIN: Observational
Studies and RegistriesSchools and Partners:MDAndersonXCourse

Nutrition and Cancer Schools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

The Immune System: New
Developments in
Research – Part 1Schools and Partners:OsakaUxCourse

Outcomes ResearchSchools and Partners:MDAndersonXCourse

Biospecimen Research
MethodsSchools and Partners:UBCxCourse

Nutrition and Health:
Macronutrients and
OvernutritionSchools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Nutrition, Heart Disease
and DiabetesSchools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Nutrition and Health:
Micronutrients and
MalnutritionSchools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

CERTaIN: Knowledge
Synthesis: Systematic
Reviews and Clinical De…Schools and Partners:MDAndersonXCourse

CERTaIN: Pragmatic
Clinical Trials and
Healthcare Delivery Eval…Schools and Partners:MDAndersonXCourse

Methods: IntroductionSchools and Partners:MDAndersonXCourse

Advanced BioconductorSchools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Food for ThoughtSchools and Partners:McGillXCourse

The Science and
Business of
BiotechnologySchools and Partners:MITxCourse

Artificial Intelligence (AI)Schools and Partners:ColumbiaXCourse


Teaching & Learning in
the Diverse Classroom Schools and Partners:CornellXCourse

The Inclusive STEM
Teaching Project Schools and Partners:BUxCourse

Landscape Finance:
Investing in Innovation for
Sustainable Landscapes Schools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

The Next Generation of
Infrastructure Schools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Doing Gender and Why it
Matters Schools and Partners:HKUxCourse

Advancing Equity and
Inclusion Through Gender
PartnershipSchools and Partners:CatalystXCourse

Financial Development
and Financial Inclusion Schools and Partners:IMFxCourse

Facing Racism and
Emotional Tax in the
Workplace Schools and Partners:CatalystXCourse


Race, Gender and
Workplace Equity Schools and Partners: Catalyst X Professional Certificate 4 Courses

Women Have Always
Worked Schools and Partners: ColumbiaXXSeries Program 4 Courses

Inclusive Leadership Schools and Partners: CatalystXProfessional Certificate 3 Courses

Sustainable & Inclusive
Landscapes Schools and Partners:WageningenXProfessional Certificate 4 Courses

Science and Engineering
Prep: Pre-university
Calculus and Physics Schools and Partners: DelftXProfessional Certificate 2 Courses

Inclusive and
Sustainable Cities Schools and Partners: DelftXProfessional Certificate 3 Courses

Online Teaching for
Educators: Development
and Delivery Schools and Partners: UBCxProfessional Certificate 3 Courses

Writing for Performance
and the Entertainment
Industries Schools and Partners: UniversityofCambridgeMicroMasters® Program 8 Courses


Welcome to Adolescent Mental Health Center

JOIN US! Grow with us. Learn with us. Balance with us. Build the greatest world, ever, with us. Many people think that being happy means that you have to be cheerful, enthusiastic, and exuberant all the time. We talked to Emiliana Simon-Thomas, co-teacher of The Science of Happiness, about what it really means to be happy—and how to cultivate it.

Our objective is to provide an environment with resources that continuously strives to balance adolescent mental health in order for adolescents+ Young Adults, (ages 0-25) to thrive healthy and drug free throughout their lifetime. To have a consistent pathway from stress-free social interactions, thru impeccable education and training, to meaningful and rewarding work that contributes equitably in building and maintaining sustainable and inclusive comumunities.

This is functionally possible when mental health is balanced as these allow for interconnected roles to exist and strengthen environments throughout the world in which adolescents+ are protected, nurtured, equipped and stimulated to succeed .

“The beginning of a new year and a new decade is an opportunity to reflect on our hopes and aspirations not only for our future, but the future of those who will come after us,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director.  

“As the calendar flips each January, we are reminded of all the possibility and potential of each child embarking on her or his life’s journey—if they are just given that chance.” 

However, UNICEF reported that in 2018, 2.5 million newborns died before reaching one month old, around a third of them on the first day of life. 

Most of these deaths were from preventable causes such as premature birth, complications during delivery and infections like sepsis. 

Additionally, more than 2.5 million babies are born dead each year

What we do

We develop human beings through balanced mental health.

Human development is defined as the process of enlarging people’s freedoms and opportunities and improving their well-being. Human development is about the real freedom ordinary people have to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live“. The human development concept was developed by economist Mahbub ul Haq.

Families of the World

Learning Center


SDG Academy : edX

SMART/AI/AR/EI/Robotics/VR campus learning & training center focusing on all aspects of Agriculture and the Environment strongly utilizing advanced technology, the Arts and Architecture, through our Department of Ingenuity as a motivating force behind expression inspiring innovation through the concept of discovery in science, design and creation for engineering, manufacturing, construction (STEM)

We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you to be your very best. AdolescentMentalHealthCenter@outlook.com


Money Management Courses

Housing: The Future of Residential Housing


Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood”.

As each generation continues to grow, they will reach into each other’s communities around the world for mutual cultural exchange with the intention of strengthening our world community with a strong SDGs Focus. Learn more about the GLOBAL Sustainable Development Goals and your individual role in our collective effort to achieving them.

Poetic Justice

– Watch: ABCs World News Tonight with David Muir #WORLDNEWSTONIGHT

Exclusive Series

America ReFramed

Air Force
Coast Guard

A Lifetime of Service

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COURSES For Everyone

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The Ultimate e-Luggage

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Water: Addressing the
Global Crisis Schools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourse

Introduction to Water and
ClimateSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Drinking Water TreatmentSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

The Biology of Water and
Health – Sustainable
InterventionsSchools and Partners:OECxCourse

Analysis and Design of
Water Distribution
SystemsSchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

Urban Sewage TreatmentSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Agricultural Water
Water,-Society and Tec…Schools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Water quality and the
biogeochemical engineSchools and Partners:EPFLxCourse

Development: The
Water-Energy-Food Nex…Schools and Partners:RWTHxCourse

Irrigation Efficiency: more
food with less waterSchools and Partners:KULeuvenXCourse

Urban Water –
Innovations for
Environmental Sustaina…Schools and Partners:UBCxCourse

Water and Wastewater
Treatment Engineering:
Biochemical Technology…Schools and Partners:TsinghuaXCourse

ContaminationSchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

Water and Wastewater
Treatment Engineering:
Physicochemical Techn…Schools and Partners:TsinghuaXCourse

Watershed HydrologySchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

Groundwater CycleSchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

Design of Urban Water
Management StructuresSchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

Water Works: Activating
Heritage for Sustainable
DevelopmentSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Governance for
Freshwater SecuritySchools and Partners:SDGAcademyXCourse

Drainage in Agriculture:
controlling water and salt
levels in the soilSchools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Water on Earth: An
IntroductionSchools and Partners:QueensXCourse

New Zealand Landscape
as Culture: Wai (Water)Schools and Partners:WellingtonXCourse

Sensing Planet Earth –
Water and IceSchools and Partners:ChalmersXCourse

Watershed Systems and
Their Influence on Water
Movement and QualitySchools and Partners:QueensXCourse

The Biology of Water and
Health – FundamentalsSchools and Partners:OECxCourse

Opportunities in Water
and HealthSchools and Partners:QueensXCourse

Global Water Use and
Climate ChangeSchools and Partners:QueensXCourse

Modelling Watershed
Processes for Water
Resource ManagementSchools and Partners:QueensXCourse

Water Surface Waves:
Finite-amplitude wavesSchools and Partners:SNUxCourse

Water Surface Waves:
Small-amplitude wavesSchools and Partners:SNUxCourse

The Biology of Water and
Health – Part 1Schools and Partners:OECxCourse

Water Related HealthSchools and Partners:QueensXCourse

Engineering: Drinking
Water TreatmentSchools and Partners:SNUxCourse

GIS Image Analysis in
ArcGIS ProSchools and Partners:AlaskaXCourse

水力学 | HydraulicsSchools and Partners:TsinghuaXCourse

e-Learning course on
Appraising the wider
Economic Benefits of Tr…Schools and Partners:WBGxCourse

Wells HydraulicsSchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

StructuresSchools and Partners:PurdueXCourse

Digital Culture/clutter:
Life and Death on the NetSchools and Partners:IsraelXCourse

Backyard Meteorology:
The Science of WeatherSchools and Partners:HarvardXCourse

Co-Creating Sustainable
CitiesSchools and Partners:DelftX, WageningenXCourse

Climate Change
EducationSchools and Partners:IDBxCourse

Aquaponics – the circular
food production systemSchools and Partners:ZHAWxCourse

Efficient HVAC SystemsSchools and Partners:DelftXCourse

Sustainable Food
Security: Crop ProductionSchools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Sustainable Soil
Management: Soil for lifeSchools and Partners:WageningenXCourse

Introduction to the
Internet of ThingsSchools and Partners:UPValenciaXCourse

Information Security –
Advanced topicsSchools and Partners:NYUxCourse


Tourism and Climate
Change Schools and Partners:WageningenX Course

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